Serving Needs, Not Wants

In communities across New Jersey, vulnerable and disadvantaged families experience emotional and behavioral challenges that are difficult to overcome. Oaks Integrated Care is on a mission to prevent this as much as possible by improving the quality of life for children, adults, and families living with mental illness or disability. Our agency values the hard work and dedication Oaks Integrated Care has shown our community and is eager to announce our support of reaching their ambitious goal. 

Oaks Integrated Care believes youth is our nation’s most valuable asset. That said, their efforts focus on empowering our youngest neighbors. They’ve launched various support services to give the youth in our area the chance to achieve mental and physical wellness.

Oaks welcomes all kinds of support! Here at our agency, we encourage our community members to go out and help those in need. If you’re not able to make a monetary donation, please consider volunteering your time or donating other resources. These include vehicles,  food, clothes, hygienic products, and just about anything that will help someone get back on their feet. Together we can ensure these children have the assistance they need to live a quality life. 

We are committed to raising awareness in our community and giving our customers, partners, and anybody else that cares the ability to make an impact themselves. We will donate $10 on your behalf to our current Community Cause campaign for every person you recommend to us.


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