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James D. Butler | Reality Real Estate Inc.

Licensed Broker of Record - President / Co-owner Reality Real Estate
New Jersey Real Estate Appraiser’s Permit ~ Partner/ Reality Title Agency LLC
Area Resident for 39 Years.

After 14 years as a licensed real estate agent with over 55 million dollars in home sales, it was time for a change. The writing was on the wall, that area residents were tired of paying a high commission for home sales service that seemed to be unwarranted.This was the main reason for my diversion from what was perceived as the mainstream or traditional real estate agency. Reality Real Estate opened its doors in Medford last winter to offer the options that many clients and residents have been asking for. Full service at a reduced cost. Not a discounted cost, rather a fair and reasonable cost. The way I feel it should be. Since our inception in March of 2005, our quaint firm and business has grown to be a competitive real estate player in the local field of the corporate giants. We are proud of our accomplishments and ever growing family that has already required us to expand our facilities. We are for real and plan continued successes that will allow us to expand our boutique office concept to surrounding areas soon. Whether you are buying, selling, investing, or looking to join the firm looking to change real estate on a local level please give us a call.

751 Stokes Rd

Medford, NJ 08055

Phone: (609) 714-1070

Mobile: (609) 351-3467